You can’t stop us Hurricane Ian

Guess what … it’s vacation time again.

Back in the summer, Karen’s niece Marie who works at Expedia Cruises in Barrie mentioned that she was going on a cruise organized by her boss Chris.  She also said that Karen’s nephew Kris, his wife Becca and their two kids Lynden and Will were also going.  Kris’ mom Joan said that she wanted to go but needed a roommate so Karen said that she would go.  Initially I was not going to go since I wanted to save some of my vacation days for next year.  We mentioned the trip to our friend Darlene and she said that she has always wanted to try a cruise.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity since there would be a bunch of people going.  By this point, how could I not go.  I asked Nana if she wanted to go and she said us.  In total, there are 12 of us.

Because of Hurricane Ian and the cancellation of flights earlier in the week, we did have a couple of Zoom calls to determine what we could do if our flights were cancelled.  Kris and his family were flying out of Buffalo on Friday, while the rest of us were flying out on Saturday from Toronto.  We decided that if worst came to worst, we would drive.  Lucky for us, Hurricane Ian did not change our initial plans.

I finished up work just before noon and just chilled.  Karen, Joan and Maui left earlier in the afternoon for Toronto.  Ross (Karen’s brother) and Susie were gracious enough to let us park our cars at their home.  But more importantly, they will be looking after Maui for the week.  Darlene and Sam (Darlene’s daughter) arrived at our house around 5:30pm.  The traffic to Toronto was brutal and we arrived at the Alt Hotel Toronto Airport ($224.10 CAD plus taxes) at 7:15pm.

After dropping our bags, we headed over to Jack Astor’s where we met up with everyone else.  There were lots of laughs and lots of planning over dinner.  Soon it was time to get everyone back to the hotel while Karen and I dropped our cars off at Ross and Susie’s.  We had a quick visit before saying our goodbyes.  Ross was kind enough to take us back to our hotel.  By now it was after 11pm and we need to get the shuttle at 4am.  I wonder how much sleep I am going to get. 

This is going to be a fun bunch

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